Interesting Jobs

November 2022

Due for completion in early 2023, Flexiteek Australia was called in to install a scrubbed deck on this spectacular 42ft boat built at Noosa Marine by Julian Griffiths. This video was shot as the deck was being installed and other trades were working against the clock to finish the electrics and the super structure.

May 2021

The deck on this new Fountaine-Pajot power catamaran on the northern Gold Coast was finished in a scrubbed Flexiteek, with full margins, making it unusual because the MY44 model usually has straight planks with no margins. Some of the photographs included in this study show the level of precision and detail which the Flexiteek Australia team apply to their assignments.

March 2021

This MEC Powercat was fitted out with the Flexiteek 2G scrubbed decking with black caulking for a stunning effect

March 2021

The owner of this Custom Cruiser loves his Flexiteek deck, but wasn't being precious about stains from his catch of fish leaving marks on the deck.

He knows only too well that stains on Flexiteek are easily disposed of, and if he keeps catching fish at this rate, the worst he might have to do in a year or two is gurney the deck down – job done.

Resistance to stains is one of the main features of Flexiteek, and it is rare to find a deck, no matter how old, that can't be restored to its original lustre.

February 2021

This Coral Coast Catamaran 62 was fitted with a scrubbed Flexiteek decking, with grey caulking.

January 2021

The owner of this Blackwatch 3600 chose a scrubbed Flexiteek decking with black caulking to achieve a stunning look.

December 2020

The photos below show a recent Flexiteek installation on a Grady White Express 305 at the Port of Airlie Marina at Airlie Beach in north Queensland. The templates and install were expertly done by Flexiteek agent Troy Osborne at Platinum Marine Services. His details are under Installers

Another great install from Troy Osborne, Flexiteek's agent at Airlie Beach in North Queensland.

The boat is Wally, a Caribbean 40, and the job was completed at Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach.

Flexiteek planks are ultrasonic and hand heat welded together to form an extremely strong and watertight join. No glues are used in manufacturing.

The result is a deck that is waterproof, with no screw holes. Flexiteek costs less than conventional decking systems.

November 2020

This Striper MV was recently fitted with a Flexiteek scrubbed finish with black caulking by Ken Brock Marine, at Mooloolaba Marina, Moooloolaba – a really beautifully executed installation that shows off the Flexiteek finish at its best.

October 2020

This beautiful Jack Earl Yawl Smoky Cape was refurbished this year by owner Ian Hanson, a New South Wales shipwright and celebrated marine artist. He chose to install a Flexiteek deck, which was templated and installed by shipwrights at the Woolwich Docks in Sydney. He chose Flexiteek 2G, scrubbed with black caulking on the sprung deck, with full margins and joggles.

A visit to Ian's website is inspiring. This link will take you there.

September 2020
The Flexiteek Australia team has just wrapped up its biggest deck to be built at their Gold Coast factory. In fact, it was two decks covering more than 100 square metres between them, manufactured for a brand new 35 metre aluminium catamaran in Tasmania, destined for waterway tours. The decks were built in full size, and then separated into sizes that can be easily handled by the installers. The deck sections were welded back together on board. Despite COVID 19 restrictions of movement, the decks were rolled up, packed and freighted to the job in Hobart.

For this big deck, a 60mm plank with 70mm margin was used, instead of the usual 40mm plank with 60mm margin.

...and now, the big install at the Tasmanian shipyard

The three photos below show the finished decks

March 2020

The Aquila is an almost new 60 ft Custom Windspeed Cat that is a regular ocean traveller between Queensland and Sydney. Built in Brisbane, the Aquila has a 15.5 square metre swimming and tender platform aft, that becomes the floor of a huge swimming platform when lowered by lifting gear that weighs one tonne in its own right. The owner wanted the submersable deck fitted with Flexiteek, which of course is not affected by salt water, together with surrounding walkways. In all, the Flexiteek covered 31.9 square metres, and was scrubbed, with black caulking and margins.

February 2020

Another very professional Flexiteek installation on a Fiarline 46 at the Gosford Sailing Club in New South Wales. The finish was scrubbed with black caulking, with margins in the cockpit and on the swim platform, and no margins around the sides of the sprung decks.

At last count, 135 significant boat manufacturers around the world, including such names as Boston Whaler, have adopted Flexiteek on their production vessels.

November 2019

This Mariner 38 footer had its new Flexiteek deck installed at Gladesville Bridge Marina in New South Wales.

There is no deck so small, so large or so complicated that Flexiteek cannot provide a meticulously fitted, fashionable solution.

All Flexiteek decks are designed and manufactured in Australia by the only company with exclusive Australian distributorship rights.

This ensures strict quality control at all stages and guarantees accurate colour matching.

October 2019

Assembling two 15m long Flexiteek side decks for a 20m houseboat is no easy task. It requires a long flat surface, so for this job, the Flexiteek Australia team had to clear out one of its boat bays to use the whole length of its concrete floor. Protective sheets were first laid on the floor before the template was rolled out and the deck was assembled. It required constant checking of the template with the finished product to sure the lines were straight over the 15m. Scroll down for a short movie that shows how it was done by the Flexiteek Australia team.


September 2019

The owner of this Riviera 39 met with the Flexiteek team at the 2019 Sydney Boat Show, to check over the template he had prepared to Flexiteek his boat deck. The template was brought back to the Gold Coast headquarters of Flexiteek where the deck was manufactured and then returned to the boat in Hobart. The owner and his son did the installation and according to them 'We are very happy with the finished product, looks amazing'.  The Flexiteek team thought so too, and just goes to show what a good template, good communication and a well constructed deck can achieve. It was a scrubbed Flexiteek with black caulking.

July 2019

A North Queensland client treated himself to a Bar Crusher 535, but insisted that it come delivered with a Flexiteek deck of walnut with black caulking. The boat came bubble wrapped from the Melbourne factory direct to the Flexiteek workshop on the northern Gold Coast where the deck was duly installed. The boat manufacturer then picked up the Bar Crusher and delivered it to the client north of Townsville. The story doesn't end there. He was so happy with the boat and the deck, that he treated himself to the bigger Bar Crusher 780 that was delivered less than a year later, and of course, it had to have the same walnut and black Flexiteek deck. Initially the Flexiteek team queried the choice of walnut, thinking it might be too dark and hot for North Queensland boating, but when the job was done, they agreed it had the WOW factor because the darker deck blended nicely with the strong black and maroon colours of the boat.

February 2019

Aczel Marine's own yacht, the Ben Lexcen designed Eureka, named Havachat, has been undergoing a repaint and refit, which included a Flexiteek deck. While it was a complex job for the 33ft yacht, more difficult Flexiteek decks have been installed on bigger craft.

The deck process was documented on camera, so make sure you click on the video link to see how it all came together so neatly.

October 2018

A messy job at the BoatWorks, Coomera this month, with a large deck area needing its old cork decking to be removed to make way for a new Flexiteek deck. Because of the risk of damage of the deck surface, much of the cork had to be sanded down to deck level, and difficult areas were carefully chiselled up. It was a long hard job that required many man hours and ultimately a complete hose down of the entire boat to get rid of the accumulated dust that can be seen on every surface in these pics. Many hands were needed to lay the new Flexiteek deck, and thanks to meticulous templating, it was a perfect fit. Final pics of the finished product will be uploaded very soon.

View our latest video showing how very old and neglected Flexiteek can be  brought back to life with a gurney and sandpaper.

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44
The Flexiteek team installed a Flexiteek scrubbed finish deck with white caulking and a straight plank with no margins. The job was finalised at Mooloolaba just prior to the boat heading to sea and Hamilton Island and in fact some of the shots were taken while at sea.